This Shocked Us! Pat Summitt was “fired from the team today, disappointing the.”


KNOXVILLE, Tenn. During her 38-year tenure at Tennessee, Pat Summitt, the most successful women’s college basketball coach in history, elevated the sport to a national level. She passed away on Tuesday. Her age was 64.

Up until her retirement in 2012, Summitt commanded an icy look from the sidelines as she guided the Lady Vols to eight national titles and prominence on a campus rich in southern football heritage.

In a statement released on Tuesday morning, Tyler Summitt, the mother’s son, said that his mother passed away quietly at Sherrill Hill Senior Living in Knoxville, surrounded by the people she loved the most.

“Since 2011, my mother has fought against the most formidable foe she has ever faced—early onset dementia, or ‘Alzheimer’s Type.’ She has done so with the same fearless, fierce determination that she has shown toward all of her opponents.”

When she stepped down, Summitt called her coaching career a “great ride.”

President Barack Obama issued a statement in which he cited Summitt’s victories and championships while noting “her legacy, however, is measured much more by the generations of young women and men who admired Pat’s intense competitiveness and character, and as a result found in themselves the confidence to practice hard, play harder, and live with courage on and off the court.”

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