Sad loss as a promising Olivia Chran career was cut short by an injury that ended her career

On Thursday, the women’s basketball team will take on the Bellarmine Knights, their rivals from across town in the Highlands.

Without a question, Bellarmine will be the easiest club Louisville has faced this season. Bellarmine has been the quintessential “bye game” for every team they have faced; there is such a glaring talent advantage from the start that the team with the better talent can easily take the game off or use it as lineup practice.

I’ll tell you what, head coach Jeff Walz will go with the latter. Anticipate to see Walz play lineups that have had little to no in-game experience and clear the whole bench against the Knights. Additionally, I would want and expect to see the Cards.

The women’s basketball team will play its rivals from across town, the Bellarmine Knights, on Thursday in the Highlands.

Bellarmine will undoubtedly be the easiest team Louisville has played this season. For every team they have played, Bellarmine has been the standard “bye game” because of their obvious talent advantage right from the start, which allows the team with superior talent to easily take the game off or utilize it as lineup practice.

Head coach Jeff Walz will choose the latter, I promise you. You should expect to see Walz start lineups against the Knights that have little to no in-game experience and clear the whole bench. I would also anticipate and want to see the Cards.

These games may not be a spectator’s dream — you won’t hang off the edge of your seat to witness the dramatic conclusion — but these types of games are extremely important. Walz is known around the sport as a coach whose teams take constant steps throughout the season, always improving and who play their best basketball come March. Being the first game that one can reasonably determine the outcome before it even starts, Louisville will be able to work on things that they have yet to practice in-game.

This game should be a runaway victory for the Cards as they get off to a 3-0 start, and set up for hopefully another post-season run.

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