Pete Alonso isn’t going to allow his unresolved Mets future cause him to lose focus before 2024.


Port Saint Lucie, Florida: Pete Alonso’s first day of the Mets spring training on Saturday afternoon was marred by the shadow of his approaching free agency.

As he begins his sixth season with the Mets, Alonso signed a one-year, $20.5 million contract in his final spin through arbitration, but he stated that any talk of a long-term agreement ended there.

“The only contract matters that we talked about were my one-year contract this year,” Alonso stated. “And once more, I’m thrilled to be back with this crew. Yes, I’m very happy about it. It’s wonderful to start new year, and spring is a great time to be alive.”
As spring camp gets underway, Alonso’s prospects beyond 2024 remain uncertain, even with his often evasive appreciation for the team and the New York fans. This may be the last time he takes a turn around Clover Park.

The uncertain future of Pete Alonso
David Stearns, the new president of baseball operations, feels that the long play will be required to hold on to arguably the best homegrown Mets players of this generation. Alonso stated that his decision to switch representation to the Boras Corporation following the previous season was best for him and his family.

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