A well-known Pitcher is dealing with legal problems following an off-field conflict.

The San Francisco Giants must find a way to win back the fans now that we know Farhan Zaidi and Gabe Kapler will return to lead the team in 2024—at least, that is the current word from the organization.

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SAN FRANCISCO — The 107-win Giants and 106-win Dodgers are prepared to discard all of their victories and play a best-of-five NL Division Series in San Francisco to conclude their season-long rivalry.

Jorge Soler has given the San Francisco Giants lineup a another reliable power supply.

The Giants gain a power source in the center of their lineup with the arrival of right-handed hitter Soler, who turns 32 on February 25.

Soler inked a three-year contract after playing for the Miami Marlins for the previous two seasons. In addition to his $7 million salary for 2024, he will receive a $9 million signing bonus. After that, he will be paid $13 million in 2025 and 2026.

Fangraphs estimates that with Soler added, the Giants’ projected 2024 player salary will be $164 million, $32 million less than it was the previous season.

The Giants appear to still have a large salary cap.

Despite dating all the way back to their unforgettable days in New York, this is the first time the rivals have faced off in the postseason. The teams played each other in a best-of-three NL tiebreaker in 1951 and 1962, with the Giants emerging victorious both times.

The Giants looked like real contenders for a large portion of the season, but it seems that their supporters never quite bought in. It’s disappointing that Oracle Park’s attendance ranks 17th in Major League Baseball given that this team has finished in the top four in 12 of its 24 seasons there, including as recently as 2018. The number of fans per game has decreased from about 41,000 to under 31,000.

The Giants, who were already struggling on the field during the era of championships, finished 12th in 2019—the last season before the pandemic, Bruce Bochy’s final season, and the year ownership changed to the Zaidi regime.

People who no longer work in downtown offices are unable to stroll to the park during or after business hours, which is one of the main reasons attendance is down: the epidemic. However, since 2017, the Giants have only enjoyed one successful season.

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