A prominent player faces legal issues amid an off-field dispute.


The offense of Miami keeps the defensive coordinators of the opposition up at night. in the true sense.

Don “Wink” Martindale of the New York Giants, a defensive end, shared firsthand knowledge of how challenging it is to prepare for Mike McDaniel’s Dolphins ahead of a Week 5 game against the team with the most feared offense in the league.

“Before turning in for the night, my wife gave me a call. She expressed concern for me. “Are you getting any sleep?” she asked. On Thursday, Martindale informed reporters. Yes, I am sleeping like a baby, I said. I try to go back to sleep after crying and going to the restroom every two hours.

“Some of the other scores in this league are headed in that direction, which is unbelievable. The points have increased significantly. I informed our colleagues that this is similar to the Greatest Show on Turf from 2023, supersonic, as we are all old enough to remember it. They actually move far faster than that. Not even turf exists there. Even on grass, they still move more quickly.”

It’s difficult to hold Martindale accountable for disclosing to the media his late-night urination habits. This season, the Dolphins have made DCs from Foxborough to Los Angeles look foolish.

Miami sent the Broncos into a tailspin and had DC Vance Joseph defending his job after the team scored 70 points against them. Prior to their Week 4 encounter with the Fins, defensive play-caller and Bills coach Sean McDermott made a joke about bringing in Usain Bolt in an effort to mimic the Dolphins’ quickness. (Whatever Buffalo came up with worked: Miami’s first-season loss was capped at 20 points and 20 first downs, a season low.)

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