Among the best players at the time, the 49ers lost another quarterback.

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There is no head coach for the 49ers. The club is led by an offensive coordinator.

Naturally, I’m referring to Kyle Shanahan. Although he holds the dual position of offensive coordinator and head coach, he appears to prioritize one above the other. His face is constantly on his playsheet. He watches his plays when his defense is in the game and attempts to plan his next drive, much like an offensive coordinator. Watching the game would be a head coach.

“I don’t think it’s close,” the head coach of the 49ers stated on Friday. Right now, he’s a far superior player. Both the run and pass games are stronger with him. far more reliable. I believe that he is improving every week—roughly four or five weeks at a time. Statistics don’t always provide all of the answers, but they can occasionally provide you with the solutions. Though statistics can easily deceive you, we now have much more faith in him than we had a year ago.

There are benefits to watching the game. By doing this, the head coach may react to the way the game is going, something Shanahan finds difficult to accomplish, as shown by the three double-digit leads he has lost in his three Super Bowl appearances.

Shanahan is obsessive about his plan. It brings him delight and pride. Even with the strongest roster in the NFL, as he had this past season, his plan hasn’t resulted in a Lombardi Trophy for the 49ers. This is a result of head coach Shanahan’s tendency to find methods to fail.

Observing the game has benefits. As demonstrated by the three double-digit leads Shanahan has blown in his three Super Bowl appearances (all defeats), doing so enables the head coach to react to the flow of the game, something Shanahan finds difficult to do.

The head coach, Shanahan, wanted the ball first rather than second—a major no-no—because he was unaware of the playoff overtime regulations. That’s because, as usual, offensive coordinator Shanahan was preoccupied with the next play call.

Play calling needs to be delegated by Shanahan. He must appoint an offensive coordinator; the Chiefs, not the 49ers, are the best team in this regard. Shanahan needs an offensive coordinator just as much as Andy Reid does.

Kyle, get over yourself. Give up attempting to have control over everything.

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