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Darko Rajaković, the coach of Toronto, issued a harsh criticism of the refereeing after the Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Raptors by a slim margin on Tuesday night, 132-131.

The game’s stark free throw difference infuriated Rajaković, who was in his first year as head coach. In the fourth quarter, the Lakers tried 23 free shots to the Raptors’ two.

Rajaković became even more irate when he saw LA’s Anthony Davis, who scored twenty of his forty-one points in the last quarter, go perfect 11 for eleven at the free-throw line. During the game, the Lakers attempted 36 free throws, but only made 13 attempts overall, all of which were made by Davis.

He didn’t hold back, calling the scenario “outrageous” and beating the table to show how disappointed he was with the officials and the league for permitting such a large imbalance in free throws at the most important part of the game.

Was Rajaković correct?

In a game where Anthony Davis of the Lakers showed off his dominance with 11 rebounds and a 13-for-17 performance from the free throw line, the disparity in calls was even more apparent.

Davis successfully sealed the win with an incredible performance that included eight free throws, a crucial block, and ten crucial points in the last min.

Head coach Darko Rajakovic of the Toronto Raptors.

Head coach Darko Rajakovic of the Toronto Raptors. Photo: Dylan Buell

Toronto coach Darko Rajaković unleashed a vehement critique against the officiating following the Los Angeles Lakers’ narrow 132-131 victory over the Raptors on Tuesday night.

Rajaković, in his first year as head coach, expressed his outrage at the game’s glaring free throw disparity, particularly in the fourth quarter when the Lakers attempted 23 free throws compared to the Raptors’ two.

Rajaković’s frustration heightened as LA’s Anthony Davis, scoring 20 of his 41 points in the final quarter, went a perfect 11 for 11 at the free-throw line during that period. In total, Davis took 14 of the Lakers’ 36 free throws in the game, while the entire Toronto team managed only 13 attempts.

He didn’t mince his words, denouncing the situation as “outrageous” and pounded the table, expressing his disappointment in the referees and the league as a whole for allowing such a significant free throw imbalance during the most crucial period of the game.

Did Rajaković have a point?

The difference in calls was even more noticeable in a game where the Lakers’ Anthony Davis displayed his domination with 11 rebounds and a 13-for-17 performance from the free throw line.

With a brilliant effort that included eight free throws, a critical block, 10 vital points in the last minute, Davis effectively clinched the victory.

Sport and the perception of unfair treatment go hand in hand.

A wayward LBW call from the umpire in the cricket, an unnoticed forward pass, a “missed” high tackle committed against the Warriors – we’ve seen it all before.

We don’t have to look far in our own backyard to find some classic examples of behaviour like Rajaković:

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