NFL “Today after learning is a “traitor” player was fired, shocked fans!

Thom Loverro offers a postgame email he wrote to John Mooney, managing director of the Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Agency, following the Washington Commanders’ defeat against the Tennessee Titans, in lieu of his usual column.

Kindly, Mr. Mooney I have to write to you about the testimony that you and other gaming regulators heard in August when you granted a sportsbook license for Ghost Town Field, Skipper Dan the Sailing Man Snyder.

According to reports, Skipper Dan expressed his high hopes for the audiences that will be watching his new Commanders this NFL season. However, he was only visible through Zoom, since he was presumably occupied with yacht-related activities. .

“We’re going to have some big-time attendance shortly,” he told you.

I’m not sure what he meant by “shortly,” but if it was September or October … well, Skipper Dan might have been telling some fish stories. They can’t invite fans from the Philadelphia Eagles every week, so the crowd was down a bit for Sunday’s game against Tennessee — they claimed 51,836.

There was a large contingent of Titans fans who filled up the visitors’ side, but by Eagles crowd standards, Commanders fans made a decent showing. They were enthusiastic, too, but Carson Wentz knocked the enthusiasm out of them.

To be honest, Mr. Mooney, I am surprised when anyone shows up.

Speaking of the quarterback, Skipper Dan also told you they had big expectations for him, right? “We’re very, very optimistic also on the season,” he said. “We finally have ourselves a quarterback.”

Since Skipper Dan reportedly made these comments under oath, I felt the responsibility to let you know. They don’t have big-time attendance and they don’t have a quarterback. The boss might have been fibbing a bit.

Don’t be offended. Skipper Dan spent 11 hours remotely testifying under oath to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform about the toxic workplace inside this NFL franchise that he was in charge of for more than two decades. Imagine how many fish stories he told them.

Based on the letter his lawyer, former Republican congressman Tom Davis, the newest and latest Skipper Dan mouthpiece (he employs more lawyers than Albert Haynesworth did here), sent to committee Chairwoman Carol Maloney last week, I’ll bet he told some whoppers.

Among the stories in that nine-page letter was this whale of a tale — blaming former team president and general manager Bruce Allen for all the workplace abuses that have been laid at Skipper Dan’s

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