NBA”Today after discovering is a” player got dismissed fan’s in Shocked!!!

Following the devastating one-point loss for the Toronto Raptors to the Golden State Warriors on Monday, James took a moment to reflect on his feelings.

It seems as though my ex-girlfriend ended our relationship. The 27-year-old Torontonian remarked, “It feels hard.”

“But I have so much love around me I can’t feel too sad about it.”

James had been awaiting the start of the playoffs at Jurassic Park, the open public space in downtown Toronto where fans congregate to watch big-screen TVs. James had been there since Sunday night.

He managed to make his way to the front of the Park throng, where he had gathered in the plaza with thousands of other ecstatic Raptors supporters in the hopes of a win.

Overall, the Raptors go into the All-Star break feeling a little bit better about themselves. They’re 19-36 but this latest loss to Indiana was significantly more competitive than Monday’s embarrassment against San Antonio.

Kawhi Leonard received the best tribute video of any returning Raptor but you can make the argument that Pascal Siakam got the best overall welcome back. He never wanted to leave Toronto.

Let’s start with the Raptors homage to Pascal during Indiana’s player introductions. Siakam’s favourite part seemed to be the old ‘Yak and Skills’ throwback of Siakam and Poeltl singing Vanessa Carlton’s ‘A Thousand Miles.’

Here’s what made Siakam’s tribute unique. Pascal recalled in his Players Tribune piece looking for fans wearing his jersey during the national anthem and when finally seeing one in his younger days letting out a “yessss!”


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