Joe Schoen announced his resignation from the Giants because

Joe Schoen  announce for retirement from Giants due”’

After a poisonous and dysfunctional 6-11 Giants season that puts him under fire heading into Year 3, head coach Brian Daboll has earned the most of the criticism.

Even though the fire beneath Daboll’s chair isn’t as evident, this is still very much Joe Schoen’s mess.

More over two years have passed since the GM took over this organization, during which the Mara owning family faced harsh criticism for their ongoing intervention during a historically poor 22-59 (.271 win%) run from 2017 to 2021.

The Giants’ 2024 collapse was mostly caused by Schoen’s summertime decisions, roster construction, and management style, despite the fact that his first season featured a 9-7-1 postseason effort and a Wild Card victory.

Jones, who had a strong enough season in 2022 to warrant a new four-year, $160 million contract, underperformed last year in addition to missing much of the season due to a ruptured ACL and his second neck injury in the previous three years. However, given the terms of his contract, it might be argued that the Giants management had questions about Jones’s long-term sustainability as the team’s franchise quarterback long before he also shown regression-related symptoms.

Either he will restart the process or fail as

When Schoen took this job, he saw a likely opportunity to select his own QB with a high draft pick after the 2022 season. But the Giants won their way out of a high draft pick in 2023 and then paid Jones big money instead of franchise-tagging him, when they failed to lock up Saquon Barkley and needed the tag for him.

Mara was on the phone with Jones during the home stretch of those negotiations. The results were disastrous, and now the team is tied to Jones for at least one more 2024 season due to that contract.

So Schoen faces a decision with the No. 6 overall pick: build around Jones to improve the team in the short term to save jobs and demonstrate progress or draft his own QB and try to build a sufficient roster to compete in 2024 so the rookie can develop, take over and shepherd the Giants and this regime into a profitable and sustainable future.

Regarding the head coach, Schoen and the Giants so far have run aggressive damage control in support of Daboll to try to keep this version of the team afloat into 2024. But Schoen also spent four games on the coaches’ headsets last season, as the Daily News exclusively reported.

His presence there sent a clear message about the state of the team and the staff, and if this season starts poorly again, Schoen may have a decision to make on his Bills running mate either in-season or post.

The ideal scenario is to win together and set a strong foundation, but if this keeps going south, Schoen might have to choose between saving the coach and saving himself — with the specter and public speculation around a Belichick Giant return hovering, substantiated or not.

Improving the roster, of course, could help the GM solve a lot of these problems. And it starts with the quarterback. Not everyone can find Patrick Mahomes.

But in the past four years, Kansas City Chiefs GM Brett Veach did find starting linebacker Leo Chenal in the NFL Draft’s fifth round, starting running back Isiah Pacheco in the seventh, starting guard Trey Smith in the sixth, starting corner L’Jarius Sneed in the fourth and Super Bowl starting guard Nick Allegretti in the seventh.

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