The Braves’ Scouting Report on New Coach: Brian Snitker Will Fight Your A**!

Brian Snitker Is Going to Take on Your A**!Braves Scouting Report on New Head Coach

Following his ejection from the Atlanta Braves during the team’s 10-3 victory over the Kansas City Royals on Friday, manager Brian Snitker expressed his opinions on the umpiring in a post-game interview.

Matt Olson and Austin Riley’s home runs helped Atlanta upset Kansas City 10-3. However, Snitker ended up having to watch the remainder of the game from the clubhouse after a call went wrong.

Umpires had placed runners on first and second after a ball Olson hit off the left-field wall was ruled foul and then later ruled fair. With Ronald Acuna Jr. on first base, Snitker argued that the star outfielder would’ve been fast enough to reach third base. Instead, he was placed on second.

“They got the call right, but I don’t think they placed the runners in the right spot,” Snitker said after the game. “You have one of the fastest guys in Major League Baseball at first and you’re going to put him at second base on a ball down the line off the wall? I would have been OK if they would have scored him. That’s judgment and I didn’t agree with it.”

Brian Snitker ejected

Snitker was flailing his arms as he walked back to the dugout.

Atlanta was leading 5-1 at the time and later wrapped up the win.

The Braves also won on Saturday, 9-3, thanks to Sean Murphy and Ozzie Albies’ four-RBI game.

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