Andy Reid is ‘tired’ of Chiefs, says Travis Kelc is losing respect,players don’t want to fight

Andy Reid is ‘tired’ of Chiefs, says Travis Kelc is losing respect,players don’t want to fight

Head coach Andy Reid of the Kansas City Chiefs sent a message to Taylor Swift and her boyfriend, tight end Travis Kelce, as the squad celebrated their victory over the New England Patriots on Sunday, December 17.

Speaking to People about the romance and Swift’s attendance at the games, Reid remarked, “She’s got a great guy she’s dating right now, so I’m happy for both of them.”

Reid expressed his gratitude for Swift’s continued attendance at Chiefs games, saying, “Listen, I’m a big fan so I’m glad she was here and I hope she enjoyed it.” Swift has attended the last three games.

After Swift attended her first game in October, the Chiefs continued winning games as Kelce broke a couple of records. At the time, Reid was just as enthusiastic about Kelce and Swift. The head coach said at a press conference in November, “Kelce is getting better with time. Taylor can stay around all she wants.”

The Kansas City Chiefs’ coach even joked once that he was responsible for setting the couple up due to a past connection to the singer.

While appearing on the podcast The Five Spot with Donovan McNabb, he noted that he’d actually met Swift when she was younger due to her dad Scott Swift‘s love of football.

He said, “Her dad was a big NFL fan, so I had met her when she was really young,” before quipping, “I joked about setting Kelce up, and, you know, I’m just saying!”

Whether or not Reid had a hand in Swift and Kelce’s romance, the couple appears to be going strong, and fans love seeing the “Blank Space” singer supporting her boyfriend on the field.

At the Chiefs game against the New England Patriots, Swift seemed to get a little passionate about a play when Kelce got shoved, leading fans to run wild with the moment.

Next up for the Chiefs, the team will play the Las Vegas Raiders on Dec. 25. It’s unclear if Swift will be in attendance.

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