Robbie Ray was suspended due to ….


Robbie Ray has been one of the top pitchers in MLB. After playing for four clubs, the talented player is all set to enter his new season with the San Francisco Giants. As it turns out, the Giants pitcher and Mookie Betts have been childhood friends.

In a recent interview with Foul Territory, Ray said he grew up playing summer ball with Mookie. Both players have been friends for almost two decades and continue sharing the field in the MLB.

When asked about Mookie’s development over the years, he said the talent was evident growing up. He said Mookie never had the power he has now, but after constant dedication, he became one of the best hitters.

Ray continued to praise Mookie for his talent and development. However, he could not resist letting everyone know who the better hitter was back in high school.

The 32-year-old pitcher was diagnosed with a flexor tendon strain in April 2023. He underwent surgery but was traded by the Seattle Mariners in Jan. 2024. After going through the whole process, he said he’s all set to get back on track with his new team.

In the same interview, the Giants pitcher also expressed his happiness with his recovery progress. He spoke about his excitement to be a part of the San Francisco Giants and is looking forward to the upcoming season. He expressed his confidence in the Giants making it to the postseason and also spoke about his new team potentially adding a couple of bats to their lineup for more power.

The Cy Young Award winner is expected to get back on the field after the All-Star break in July.

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