Following the announcement,Myles Garrett wish is fulfilled by the Head Coach.

The front office of the Browns has a lot of work ahead of it in order to put together a team that can return to the postseason and go farther in 2024.

In the upcoming weeks and months, as the NFL Combine, offseason workouts, and the NFL Draft draw near, the outline of that vision will begin to take shape. Meanwhile, there’s no shortage of conjecture at this time of year regarding what each team plans to do during the summer.

Sports Illustrated’s Conor Orr did just that this week with a piece that attempted to make bold predictions for every team in the NFL next season. For the Browns, Orr focused in on the quarterback room and Cleveland’s looming decision to find a backup QB for Deshaun Watson.

After the Browns were completely decimated at the position, Joe Flacco had an incredible and surprising month of NFL football that earned him the Comeback Player of the Year award. The Browns may already be aware of their good fortune in getting that kind of play from a quarterback who appeared to be in retirement but was actually playing on the playground with his children only a few weeks prior. A few years ago, I had heard that Flacco wanted to continue playing into his 40s. Perhaps he is the Browns’ solution. Perhaps they will bench a player similar to Jacoby Brissett. In any case, it is completely insane to not support the Deshaun Watson issue.

The Browns bringing back Flacco would be pretty bold after the 16-year-verteran took the city by storm as he lead the Browns to the playoffs. His presence on the Browns roster behind Watson wold make for an interesting dynamic if they went that route.

Brissett is another veteran QB the Browns have familiarity with as he spent the 2022 season with the team, starting in Watson’s place for 11 games while he served a suspension.

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