Unbelievable!! a Star Canterbury player just announce resignation from the team today’.See Why; 

According to reports, the athlete who left the Bulldogs’ training session and stepped down last year due to mental health issues is suing the team.

After negotiations between the club and the player fell down, The Daily Telegraph reported that the Bulldogs and the young football player are embroiled in a legal dispute.

When the highly regarded player—who is still ranked among the Bulldogs’ top 30—was told to wrestle his teammates as a form of discipline for being late to practice, he stood down.

Since the event late in the previous season, the player—who cannot be identified owing to his mental health—has not trained with the Bulldogs.

The NRL welfare staff and the RLPA are still keeping an eye on things.

Aaron Warburton, CEO of Canterbury, declined to

Warburton refused to confirm if the player in question was still being paid by the club.

Coach Cameron Ciraldo’s tough training methods became an issue last year when then captain Raymond Faitala-Mariner raised the issue with him on behalf of several disgruntled players.

Faitala-Mariner also had a battle with the club over his contract and is now at the Dragons after mutually agreeing to part ways with the Bulldogs.

Addressing the media last year on the incident, Ciraldo defended the club’s punishment for the player and explained the Bulldogs were trying to change the culture of the club and drive new standards to improve on-field performance after years of failure.

“It’s a pretty sensitive issue and I won’t be commenting,” Ciraldo said at the time.

“I don’t want to comment specifically, but at different times, we’ve wanted to put some standards in place, and if you’re late, we have to do something.

“We are trying to drive standards. We want to have winning performance standards. Some of that’s been monetary related, some of it’s been spinning a wheel, and then some of that’s been trying to find ways to change behaviours.

“The reality is we need to change behaviours here, and I think we’ve done a good job of that throughout the season. And I feel really sorry for the fans that we are where we are.

“It doesn’t seem like we’ve taken steps forward this year on the same wins as last year. We definitely haven’t taken steps back.”

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