New York Giants Considering Trading Darren waller after…

A 40-0 home loss to a division foe is arguably the most demoralizing way to begin a season, but Darren Waller wants New York Giants supporters to realize one thing.

One Dallas Cowboys loss does not define the entire NFL season; it is a long trip.

Bleacher Report was informed by the star tight end that “I will tell Giants fans it’s a process.” “Regardless of how good or bad someone is, we don’t judge them based just on one day.” We evaluate them based on how they handle hardship and go on their path. There are 16 games left in our journey. We hope you continue to be dependable with us, and we promise not to go through emotional roller coasters.”
For Giants supporters, Sunday could best be described as an emotional roller coaster.

With the season opener taking place at home against one of their primary rivals for the NFC East title, there was a lot of excitement leading up to it. A victory over Dallas would have been the ideal way to kick off New York’s pursuit for another postseason berth. The team made the playoffs the previous season.

But the celebration was soon ruined by the Cowboys.

In a show of superiority on defense and special teams, the visitors recorded seven sacks, two interceptions, five forced fumbles, one interception return for a score, and one blocked field goal returned for a touchdown.

Despite being the top receiver for New York, Waller only had three catches for 36 yards. It’s reasonable to say that the Giants have a lot of work to do before facing the Arizona Cardinals in Week 2.

“From a team standpoint, there’s a lot of small things and simple things that we can do better overall,” he stated. Things can start to get away from you if those things aren’t done correctly. We are aware that many of those things—penalties, clinging to the football, blocking—are within our power. Everyone is to blame, particularly in terms of offensiveness. And heading into this weekend, we are aware of it. Just eager to give it another go.”

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