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Dallas Cowboys linebacker Micah Parsons was the target of criticism from a former wide receiver in a podcast interview on Wednesday.

Former Cowboys wide receiver Jesse Holley appeared on “Ray Ray’s Podcast” and called Parsons a “selfish” player over his alleged lack of desire to be anything but a pass-rusher.

“Micah Parsons, to me, is probably the most selfish player on this football team,” Holley said on the podcast.

“One of the reasons that Micah Parsons does not want to play linebacker is it’s too much of a responsibility. Maybe it’s just the youth in him. Micah doesn’t want to study. Micah doesn’t want to focus in, and I truly believe Micah wants to be great for Micah.”

Holley suggested that Parsons could be able to play “anywhere” if he watched as much film as some of the greats.

Parsons appeared to respond to the criticism in a post on X.

“Yall just want a reaction outta me it’s not going to work lol! Im at peace! Love!” Parsons wrote.

Parsons put together another terrific season with the Cowboys in 2023. He recorded a career-high 14 sacks along with 64 tackles. He forced a fumble and recovered a fumble. He was selected to his third Pro Bowl and nominated for Defensive Player of the Year

Dallas finished 12-5 for the third consecutive season and was eliminated in the wild-card round of the playoffs..

Football season officially wrapped up a couple of weeks ago in the Dallas/Ft. Worth region of Texas after the Dallas Cowboys got embarrassed by the Green Bay Packers, 38-32. Outspoken All-Pro linebacker Micah Parsons took some time to reflect on the loss and then came out from his slumber, firing shots at Dallas’ coaching staff and Jerry Jones’ “all-in” comments.

“They’re talking about we’re going all-in this year and that’s what I would hope for. I hope that we go all-in and I hope we go out and get the players we’re missing because we didn’t do that this year,” Parsons said. “I hope that we challenge ourselves, become better, and become greater for us.”

Nothing Parsons said there was inaccurate or untrue. He really hit the nail on the head and it’s about time someone within that organization pointed out these things publicly. Other than Jones, who speaks often, but doesn’t always follow through. We’ve heard the all-in “promise” before. Hopefully, for Cowboys faithful, it can be fulfilled.

The main problem with Jones’ all-in claim is they decided to stick with Mike McCarthy as head coach then turned around and lost their defensive Coordinator, Dan Quinn, to division rival Washington. Parsons can’t be happy about that and the fact that it seems like they’re just going to run it back again.

Parsons spoke of bringing in the players they’ve been missing, but we’ve seen Jones miss out in the past, (see players who expressed interest in playing in Big D like Von Miller not too long ago.) Dallas needs another power running back in the backfield. Derrick Henry, a former 2,000-yard rushing power back should be available. Let’s see if Jones does what he claims once again and truly goes all-in.

“Guys like Skip [Bayless] who talk so crazy out in the media just because they can.” – Micah Parsons

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