Steelers Captain Welcomes Le’Veon Bell Return after’.

Steelers Captain Welcomes Le’Veon Bell Return after’.

The Pittsburgh Steelers could bring Le’Veon Bell back to the NFL.

PITTSBURGH — The Pittsburgh Steelers have two star running backs in Najee Harris and Jaylen Warren, but a former All-Pro is pushing for an NFL comeback and wants it to be with his old team.

Le’Veon Bell recently said in a Snapchat video that he is attempting to make a return to the National Football League and expects to be playing the best football of his career. That being said, he’s going to return for one team – the Steelers.

“I won’t start training until like March,” Bell said. “And I’m gonna be honest with myself, I got to go out there and be like, I’m going to put my foot in the ground. Do I feel it? Am I hurting? Can I go out there and really play again? And bro, I’m telling you all right now when I go out there and train in March and if I hit April and I make this decision to come back to play in the NFL again, mark my words down — I will be better than I ever was. And I will only come back for that one team. You all know who it is. I don’t have to say no team. You all know who it is.”

Steelers defensive captain Cam Heyward heard the news and said on his podcast Not Just Football that he would welcome Bell back to the Steelers with open arms.

“If he comes back, we would love to have him. He looked like he was in great shape last time we saw him,” Heyward said. “I know we got some great running backs, but he could provide some knowledge for the group, and we’ll take him from there.”

Bell hasn’t played in the NFL since 2021, but during his time with the Steelers to start his career, he earned three All-Pro appearances. With new offensive coordinator Arthur Smith, maybe the team could find a role for him, and Heyward is open to that possibility.

“I welcome anybody. I don’t really play the game where…if anybody could be my teammate, I’m always for it,” Heyward said. “As lucky as I am to be their teammate. … I’m very lucky for them to be my teammate. It’s just an honor playing this game, and when you get great players playing with you, it’s special to see.”

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