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Trade Idea Between Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets Proposed

The NBA trade deadline is fast approaching, and the Denver Nuggets are widely expected to make marginal moves at most. Already with a loaded roster, the defending champions have what it takes to defend their title, but some additional depth never hurts.

In a recent article from Dan Favale of Bleacher Report, five trade targets were listed for each NBA team, and Miami Heat center Orlando Robinson was named as an option for Denver. While this is a hypothetical proposal as opposed to sourced reporting, the logic is tied to Denver’s need to bolster their front court depth.

Not currently playing much for Miami, Robinson would likely not play much for Denver either, but is an extra 7’0″ big man who can fill in when needed. This is seemingly the extent of what Denver could use at the deadline, as their current rotation is among the best in basketball already.

For Robinson, this would be an opportunity to learn under one of the greatest centers of all-time in Nikola Jokic. There cannot be many better opportunities than this for a young center, as Robinson would get to see Jokic up close every single day.

Could the Nuggets make a move like this? It remains to be seen, but anything more than a move on the margins feels unlikely right now for the defending champions.

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