Proposed Trade  QB Trey Lance say’s his going to be trade and he talks hatred’….

Proposed Trade  QB Trey Lance say’s his going to be trade and he talks hatred’….

he Dallas Cowboys only just acquired quarterback Trey Lance last offseason, but they could send him back to the NFC West. The former San Francisco 49ers QB is still looking for his next proper chance, and that could be with the Los Angeles Rams.

Bleacher Report’s “Complete NFL Offseason Trade Guide” addresses the needs of all teams, including the Rams. They propose a 2024 fifth-round pick for Lance, slotting him as the backup and mentee of Matthew Stafford.

“Stafford showed that he can still play at a top level in 2023, and he’ll return for 2024. However, he’ll also turn 36 next month,” the article states. “It’s always good to have a succession plan in place, and Lance would be an intriguing one. The 23-year-old was replaced by Brock Purdy in San Francisco and hasn’t seen the field in Dallas. He still possesses an intriguing skill set, though, and could be a fun developmental project in [Rams head coach Sean] McVay’s spacing-based offense.”

There are no reports or leads that Lance could be traded this offseason, but it is still an interesting idea. After a difficult start with the 49ers and a year on the bench with the Cowboys, Lance is probably looking for the best possible play to learn and get his next chance.

Trey Lance Traded by 49ers After Unfortunate Start

San Francisco made a blockbuster move to acquire Trey Lance, trading two first-round picks to the Miami Dolphins in order to take him at No. 3 in the 2021 NFL draft. Coming out of North Dakota State, Lance was a surprise selection over other members of the QB class.

The 49ers were still riding with Jimmy Garoppolo at that point. So, Lance was given a year to develop on the bench. However, an injury to Garoppolo thrust Lance into his first two starts. As Pro Football Reference shows, Lance took advantage of his 6 total appearances with 603 passing yards, 6 total touchdowns and 2 interceptions.

There was optimism heading into 2022. Lance was named the team’s starter, but a brutal ankle injury in Week 2 immediately sidelined him for the entire season. That led to Purdy’s first opportunities, and we all know how that’s going.

Lance was then traded to Dallas once the 49ers decided on Purdy for 2023. The former NDSU star did not make a single appearance for the Cowboys in 2023.

Trey Lance Probably Not Worth It for Cowboys

While Lance is still on his rookie contract, the fact that he was picked at No. 3 overall means the cost in 2024 is pricy for a backup. According to Spotrac, it’s not the base salary that is the problem, it’s the roster bonus.

Lance is due $1.06 million in salary, but will receive a $4.26 million bonus for making the 53-man roster. It’s hard to justify $5 million for any backup, but a project like Lance doesn’t help.

If the Cowboys were far under the salary cap limit in 2024, there would be no problem. However, they are already projected to be $11.5 million over the limit. Jerry Jones and the Dallas front office can easily get under that total. But $5 million spent on a backup just isn’t efficient.

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