Brown’s today Is Kevin Stefanski The  Most Valuable ‘coach…’?

 Brown’s today Is Kevin Stefanski The  Most Valuable ‘coach…’?

Cleveland Browns head coach Kevin Stefanski, despite numerous injuries to key players, and having to work with four different quarterbacks during the season, has his team in position to potentially reach the postseason for the second time in his four years as coach. (AP Photo)


If we were to be so presumptuous to even raise the subject of a Cleveland Browns coaching Mount Rushmore, we would first have to wait for the laughter to subside.

Then most of us would point to Paul Brown, and knock off for lunch.

This is, after all, a franchise that from 1999-2019 employed 11 head coaches (counting interims) in 21 years. That included back-to-back seasons of 1-15 and 0-16.

The Browns’ franchise, which is older than the Super Bowl, has never won the Super Bowl. That’s not a surprise, because the Browns have never played in the Super Bowl.

So when it comes to the matter of a theoretical Cleveland Browns coaching Mount Rushmore, it is not a crowded field. There’s Paul Brown, Blanton Collier, and Marty Schottenheimer. That’s it.

Paul Brown, who virtually invented pro football, or at least the modern version of it, won seven championships in his 17 years coaching the Browns: four in the All-American Football Conference, and three in the NFL (1950, 1954, and 1955). In addition to winning seven league titles in Cleveland, Brown had a winning percentage of .767 (158-48).

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