sad report: Ohio State is suspended due to…

Friday was a day that Ohio State fans are going to want to forget, while it’s a day that fans of the Michigan Wolverines will remember for quite some time.  That’s not just because Ohio State put together an embarrassing performance in the Cotton Bowl, losing 14-3 to Missouri. It also has to do with the Catapult investigation, which was reported on Friday night by Dan Wetzel of Yahoo Sports.  Wetzel reported that the NCAA and local authorities were investigating a breach in the Catapult system which is used by college football teams to gather film. Michigan football players and Alabama players said this week they weren’t using their individual tablets because of security concerns. It turns out, Michigan football has been taking this precaution since November.  A spokesperson for Michigan football also confirmed that the Michigan Wolverines aren’t a target of the Catapult investigation, but rather a victim of having their practice film stolen.  I find it interesting that the NCAA is protecting the identity of the school under investigation when it was so willing to leak the investigation into the Michigan Wolverines previously. However, there are plenty of ties between Ohio State staffers and Catapult and more rumors are spreading in social media that Ohio State is indeed the school under investigation.  Would it shock anyone? Ohio State already colluded with Purdue, Rutgers, and other Big Ten programs to trade Michigan football signals and advance scout. The Michigan Wolverines also shut down their outside film access around November and we know what game is that end of November.  So as bad as the loss was on Friday night in the Cotton Bowl, that might just be the start of the bad headlines for Ryan Day and company.  The Michigan Wolverines took to the practice field on Friday and held an open session to the media (for 15 minutes). There wasn’t much to learn during that time period, but four-star quarterback Jadyn Davis has been getting reps. He’s also been drawing praise from J.J. McCarthy and others this week.  That’s a positive thing for Michigan football because Davis is the future under center, whether McCarthy decides to play another season in Ann Arbor or not, if this run is going to continue, the Wolverines need Davis to be special and the early returns are good.

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