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New Year is the beginning of new resolutions and more wisdom. This is extended to different parts of people’s lives, but more importantly, toward finance management.

These resolutions could be around mindful spending, investing smartly, and so much more.  While setting these resolutions, it is also vital to contemplate some other behavioural patterns that lead to gaps in managing money.  For instance, the urgency to respond to a seemingly ‘urgent’ text about some mishap happening to your bank accounts and then, unfortunately, losing hard-earned money to fraudsters.  Today, when technology has progressed to such an extent that cyber fraudsters are deploying it in devious ways, the accountability also lies with the bank to empower consumers to spend extra thought towards managing their finances. One such bank shielding people’s precious financial resources with a gamut of security measures is HDFC Bank.

It incorporates the most stringent measures to keep consumers secure when using its digital properties like net banking, mobile banking, etc.  Let’s dive into how HDFC Bank protects your money from financial fraudsters:  1. IVR 3D Secure: When people use their debit or credit cards over an interactive voice response system or mobile app at any outlet, they are protected with this additional security layer. They are kept safe from any misuse as customers need to authenticate their payments with a password generated over SMS or through the HDFC Bank website.  2. NetSafe: Online shopping has flourished, and how! People often worry about fraudsters misusing their credit card or debit card details. However, HDFC Bank’s NetSafe tackles this issue. A unique virtual card is generated that can be used for online payments rather than the real numbers.  3. OTP: Make your payments with peace of mind because OTP protects people’s transactions with two-factor authentication. Whenever consumers check out from a website, a one-time password will be shared with them. This further helps people not to fall prey to phishing attempts as a unique message is created that must be confirmed for every transaction.  4. Virtual keyboard: With the help of a virtual keyboard, customers can enter their login details and secure themselves from malware.

Another measure that HDFC Bank has taken is the incorporation of RASP (Runtime Application Self Protection). This protects people’s apps from fraud committed through screen-sharing applications. Remote access is denied and ensures that any vital information is not leaked.

HDFC-Vigil-Aunty-New-1000×1000 (1)  While these measures are in place, HDFC Bank has also introduced ‘Vigil Aunty’ – India’s first fraud awareness influencer.

The thought here is to prompt consumers to secure their money from financial frauds.

To join Vigil Army, send ‘Hi’ to her via Whatsapp number, and follow her on

Disclaimer: This article has been produced on behalf of HDFC Bank by Times Internet’s Spotlight team.

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