SAD NEWS: Wide Receiver Diontae Johnson Draws Criticism Following Shot at Steelers Defense

For the past month, the Pittsburgh Steelers’ situation has gotten worse before getting better. Week 15 saw the Steelers lose three straight games and look like they might collapse. It’s time for veterans of the team, like wide receiver Diontae Johnson, who has the oldest contract among Pittsburgh’s offensive players, to take the reins and guide the team through this trying period.

However, Chris Hoke, a former defensive tackle for the Steelers and current pundit, believes Johnson is doing more harm than good.

After Johnson said that the “defense was leaking” after the Steelers’ 30–13 loss to the Indianapolis Colts, Hoke attacked the receiver on KDKA TV’s Extra Point postgame show.

According to Steelers Depot’s Ross McCorkle, Hoke responded to Johnson’s jab at the Pittsburgh defense by saying, “That’s why there’s no leadership on offense.” “I played with the Steelers for 11 seasons, and we occasionally had poor performances. We never confronted one another. This defense was never meant to be leak-proof.

“The Steelers defense has often saved the offense from defeat by winning games when they couldn’t get a first down, and they never

Diontae Johnson Claims the Steelers’ Defense Against the Colts Was “Leaking”
Even in the modern NFL, complementary football is still the finest recipe for success, despite its cliched name. The most successful teams have their offense, defense, and special teams units all working in unison and supporting one another.

The other two units must make up the difference when one malfunctions or plays poorly.

Johnson might have been genuinely attempting to get across the point. If such was the case, though, he ought to have been more circumspect in his word choice.

Through Josh Carney of Steelers Depot, Johnson informed reporters, “Defense is leaking.” “The defense suffered as a result of its injured players. We simply need to make plays and take advantage of third downs as an offense.

Stated differently, the offensive of the Steelers must contribute more to the team’s defense. That means Johnson bears some responsibility for his own performance.

However, it’s clear that Hoke objected strongly to the manner Johnson expressed his opinion.

“To say that is the reason why this offense-focused Steelers team lacks leadership,” stated Hoke.

Defense for the Steelers Failed to Stop Another Backup QB
In Week 15, the Steelers played Gardner Minshew, another backup signal caller. Zack Moss, the running back, and star wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. were both injured during the game for the Colts.

“To say that is the reason why this offense-focused Steelers team lacks leadership,” Hoke said.

The Steelers’ Defense Was Unable to Stop Another Backup QB
The Steelers faced Gardner Minshew, a backup signal caller, in Week 15. The Colts’ standout wide receiver Michael Pittman Jr. and running back Zack Moss both sustained injuries during the game.

Indianapolis gained 170 yards with rushes, averaging 5 yards per carry. Minshew averaged 7.7 yards per completion.

The Colts called 13 straight running plays in a single drive at one point in the second half. The Steelers’ defense was unable to stop anything at all.

Indianapolis averaged five yards per carry while gaining 170 yards through rushes. Each completion by Minshew averaged 7.7 yards.

Once in the second half, the Colts called 13 straight running plays in a single drive. The Steelers’ defense was completely helpless to stop anythingespecially considering that the majority of this season has seen the Steelers defense carry the offense.


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