I thought I was going to collapse tom Devito….

I thought I was going to collapse tom Devito….

Tom DeVito knew the moment might come, but there was nothing he could do to prepare himself for it. When his son, Tommy DeVito, trotted onto the MetLife Stadium field to play quarterback for the New York Giants for the first time in the regular season, his knees started to shake.

  • “I thought I was gonna collapse in the stands,” Tom said of watching his son’s Week 8 debut, a relief appearance after Tyrod Taylor went down with an injury late in the first half against the Jets.
  • Injuries to Taylor and Daniel Jones eventually thrust the undrafted rookie into the starting role. The Cedar Grove, N.J., native played in three more games before finally making his home debut as the Giants starter in Week 12. That meant Tommy would be announced during team introductions on a Sunday afternoon against the New England Patriots.“When he came out of the tunnel and they announced him,” Tom said, pausing for a moment to find the words. “When they announced him last and the ovation he got, that was it for me.”

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