Chris Tabor believes Panthers players aren’t just ‘grabbing $125,000.’….

Chris Tabor believes Panthers players aren’t just ‘grabbing $125,000.’….


Chris Tabor sees no signs of Panthers players just ‘collecting a paycheck’

At 1-12 and with their playoff hopes officially dashed for two weeks now, the Carolina Panthers could easily phone in the rest of what’s been a brutal 2023 campaign. But that’s not the case.

Interim head coach Chris Tabor spoke with reporters this afternoon, just a few days ahead of his team’s Week 15 matchup against the Atlanta Falcons. He was asked if he saw any people simply “collecting a check” during last Sunday’s 28-6 loss to the New Orleans Saints.

“No, I did not,” Tabor replied. “I did not. And the reason I can say that is, the tape didn’t say that. I know what the final score was, but I think that you can also say the final score wasn’t indicative of how the game was played.”

The game was played rather close for its first 54 minutes, as the Saints led 14-6 late into the fourth quarter. New Orleans, however, broke away with two touchdowns in a one-minute, 30-second span to clinch Carolina’s sixth consecutive loss.

Tabor then finished up his Friday presser by putting the job into perspective.

“I expect ya, No. 1, be a pro,” he added of his approach in ending the season. “And with that, when you come into the building—let’s have some fun while we’re doin’ it. I’m not changin’, I haven’t changed.

“I’m blessed that I have the opportunity to coach football. I was just out on the grass for two hours and beautiful sunshine, the whole deal. And you look up and you see the skyline, and I did. There was a moment between plays I said to the good Lord, ‘Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity.’ And regardless of what the record is, I’m thankful for the opportunity and I think our guys are the same.”

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