49ers PREP names Cece Giguere as Player of the Week

Cece Giguere, a hometown hero, has been a standout player for Lincoln High School’s girls flag football team. Born and raised in San Jose, she embodies the spirit of the community. Cece’s journey in sports started with soccer, a passion she has cherished since childhood. However, it was her recent venture into flag football that truly ignited her enthusiasm for the game. Flag football, a relatively new addition to her repertoire, has become a source of joy, camaraderie and personal growth.

A dynamic force on the field, Cece thrives in the roles of running back and rusher. Her love for running, coupled with impressive speed, caught the coach’s eye from day one. With a knack for making split-second decisions and a shifty playing style, Cece quickly became an integral part of the team.

What sets Cece apart is her vocal and aggressive approach, providing motivation to her teammates. Throughout the season, she demonstrated her skills, scoring two touchdowns in a memorable game against James Lick High School. Her performance showcased not only speed but also a series of evasive moves, leaving defenders behind.

Cece draws inspiration from her hardworking parents, who instill in her the values of dedication and perseverance. With a desire to make her team and coaches proud, she set ambitious goals for herself. By the end of the season, she had notched an impressive 22 touchdowns, a testament to her commitment and skill.

Cece’s commitment extends beyond the regular season. In the offseason, she focuses on running and hits the gym for strength training. Her background in soccer has proven beneficial, enhancing her agility on the football field.

From the coach’s perspective, Cece is described as incredibly fast, displaying a fire and determination that sets her apart. Her ability to make split-second decisions and avoid defenders has evolved over the course of the season. Notably, she actively studies film, showcasing her dedication to continuous improvement.

Beyond the field, Cece engages in community service and has diversified her interests by taking flying lessons with aspirations to become a pilot. A positive role model, she also mentors her teammates and maintains an impressive 4.0 GPA.

Cece’s dedication and skill have not gone unnoticed. She received an offer from Conney College, marking a significant milestone in her athletic career.

As the school of this week’s recipient of the 49ers PREP High School Player of the Week presented by U.S. Bank, Lincoln High School will receive a grant from the 49ers Foundation to put towards its football program.

Congratulations, Cece!

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